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Veterans of Foreign Warsof The United States Niles Memorial Post3579

Fly The American Flag


Niles Memorial VFW Post 3579 proudly displays the American Flag every day. The American flag is the symbolof all that is sacred to those who served our country during time of war and peace time, and to those who share the common bond of service under the flag of the United States of America and, to all Americansthat cherish our freedoms.

Niles Memorial VFW Post 3579 and its membersemphasize respect for our flag and the Constitution of the United Statesthat reflects what we are and hope to beas a nation. Yes, freedom of speech is one of our freedoms and is part of the Constitution but, burning of our flag as a protestis disrespectful to all American people and especially the veterans who haveserved and died for that flag, the well-known symbol of our nation.

As veterans, we request that citizens of our great nation proudly fly the flag as the symbol of our freedomsand to honor all that have served to preserve those freedoms.